"anne" - red-shouldered hawk

Why the name?
Named for a famous female pirate, Anne Bonny.

Rehab history
Arrived in the winter of 2015.

This female Red Shouldered Hawk was hit by a car in the winter of 2015. Her skull was fractured in the accident and the orb of her left eye collapsed, leaving her unable to see on her left side and therefore unable to be released.

Anne is a wonderful new addition to our education team. She has adapted quickly to working with handlers. She is very calm and easy to handle for a Red Shouldered Hawk, which is likely due to her accident. We are impressed by her resilience to overcome her injuries and the speed at which she learns new behaviors.

Anne informed us that she would be a good candidate for an education ambassador bird by electing to calmly step up on to a handlers glove without any training. She knew she was right for the job, and she's been a star ever since!