"chibi" - north American kestrel

Why the name?
Because he's a very little guy (don't tell him though).

Rehab history
Arrived in Summer 2015.

This North American Kestrel was hit by a plane at Reagan National Airport in the Summer of 2015. The bones at the end of his left wing were sheered off, so he is completely non-flighted. His plumage marks him as a juvenile bird, hatched in the Spring of 2015, or a female; based on size we believe Chibi is a juvenile male.

Chibi is adapting well to his new role as an education bird. He never lets his missing wingtip slow him down, and he's very vocal when he sees anything of concern (like another bird). He's even smaller than Little Guy, and we're all looking forward to seeing Chibi's adult plumage in the Summer of 2016!