How can you help injured and orphaned raptors?

The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia is supported entirely by individual donations from concerned people like you. Your generosity will allow us to rehabilitate over 200 raptors a year, and touch the lives of thousands of children and adults each year through our educational programming. Thank you!



If you prefer not to use the online form, you can mail a check. Send checks to Raptor Conservancy of Virginia, PO Box 2295, Falls Church, VA 22042.

Please call us if you have questions: 703-578-1175.

How will we use your donation?

Aya, RCV's education Merlin - photo by Jonathan Taylor

Aya, RCV's education Merlin - photo by Jonathan Taylor

Top quality food is RCV's biggest expense in caring for raptors in rehabilitation, and also for the continued care of our disabled education birds.  In general it costs:


Orphaned baby raptors present a unique challenge. Baby raptors grow at a tremendous rate and they need to eat 2 to 3 times as much food as an adult of the same species. We must also care for baby raptors until they learn to fly, learn to hunt, and would ordinarily be on their own in the wild. This means they are often with us for 4-5 months. This amounts to approximately:

Interested in donating to support RCV in other ways? Visit our Adopt-A-Raptor and Wishlists pages to learn more!

Barred Owl chick

Barred Owl chick

Banner photo - Red-tailed Hawk (juvenile) release - by Kim Sanders