The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia is no longer accepting applications for education programs in 2019.

Please consider these educators to fulfill your needs:

- Nikki Stamps at Native Wildlife Raptors, 540-272-0666 (please leave a message). Nikki is a raptor rehabilitator and falconer and she does education programs with live raptors including several owls.

- Belinda Burwell at Wildlife Veterinary Care, (540) 664-9494 (please leave a message) or email Belinda is a wildlife rehabilitator and she does education programs with a variety of non-releasable wild animals.

- Catherine Sevcenko at Diva Crows, please email her through her website. Catherine is a songbird rehabilitator and does education programs with crows and blue jays.

Educating the public about raptors is a big part of what we do!

RCV presentations

RCV education presentations utilize the display of live, non-releasable raptors to inform children and adults about native wildlife, preservation of habitat, and respect for our wild neighbors. Slides may be used to enhance the presentation or increase audience awareness. Raptor biology is a main focus, although the subject matter will vary depending on the audience background, age and interests. We have found that allowing people to see some of our native raptors up close helps increase both appreciation of these wonderful birds and understanding of their place in the wild.

We discuss the work involved in caring for RCV's resident birds. Throughout our programs we stress our close connection with nature and the need for humans to responsibly manage natural resources, including wildlife. We will work with teachers to help them integrate these subjects into their curriculum, and to stimulate student interest in academic subjects.

Presentation subjects are flexible, and include:

  • Your Wild Neighbors - Raptors

  • Virginia Owls - Hunters of The Night

  • Wildlife Habitat and Ecology for Raptors

  • Falconry - 3,000 Years of Interaction With Raptors

  • Basic Native Raptor identification

  • Basic Raptor Biology


  • Large public audiences (1 to 1.5 hour program): $300

  • Schools (1 hour program): $200

    • Additional program on the same date: $100

  • Smaller groups (0.5 to 1 hour program): $100-$150

Amount requested will be determined by the number of people attending and the length of program(s).

All programs will include one or more live raptors, and may include the use of slides or audiovisual material. For substantial trips away from the RCV facilities, reimbursement for the cost of transportation may also be requested.

All donations received by RCV from presentations directly support the feeding, housing, and medical care of the education raptors cared for by RCV.

submit an rcv presentation Request form to start scheduling your presentation today!

Kent Knowles, who arranges RCV presentations, will review your request and call you back within 5 business days to discuss availability for your group. Some dates are very popular and we can only do a limited number of programs each day, so submit your form early to reserve your spot! Presentations are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.

Still have questions? Give us a call! (703) 578-1175