"FIRE" - Eastern screech owl

Why the name?
Because of her fiery red plumage and attitude!

Rehab history
Arrived in late Fall 2002, and became an education bird in Spring 2003.

This female red morph Eastern Screech Owl was hit by a car in Fall 2002. She could not be released due to severe loss of vision in both eyes and soon joined our education team.

Fire is a wonderful education bird who has spent most of her life at RCV. She has always been popular with both children and adults due to her beautiful plumage, amazing starry eyes and small stature.

Fire is very vocal most of the year, and around sunset often carries on long “conversations” with Smoke, who lives in a nearby flight cage.

Fire was featured on the cover of the 2015 July/August issue of Virginia Wildlife magazine in a photo taken by Jeff Bernas!