"Ghost" - barn owl

Why the name?
With their white feathers, silent flight and eerie shrieks Barn Owls have been mistaken for ghosts.

Hatched in captivity in 2012, transferred to RCV in 2013.

This female Barn Owl was hatched in captivity and is a human imprint, meaning she cannot survive in the wild. She was bred by a licensed breeder to be an education bird.

Ghost is a lively, energetic bird that always wows her audience with her amazingly patterned feathers and playful personality. Barn Owls are a Species of Special Concern in Virginia, and we're happy that Ghost can be an ambassador for her species and show everyone how wonderful these birds are up close!

Barn Owls don't hoot, they hiss and scream. Ghost reserves her hissing for volunteers that are slow to provide her mice!