"jingles" - red-tailed hawk

Why the name?
Because she was found with bells on!

Rehab history
Arrived in 2008, likely hatched around 2004.

This female Red Tailed Hawk was found tangled upside down in a tree wearing a full set of falconry equipment, including jesses, leash and bells. Her long struggle in the tree led to nerve and soft tissue damage, and she could never fly again despite months of therapy. The person who lost her did not reclaim her and she has lived at RCV ever since.

Jingles is a very large and impressive hawk, an excellent addition to any education program. Red Tailed Hawks are the largest species of hawk in Virginia, and common in the more rural parts of the state. Jingles' beautiful red tail is always striking.

Jingles likes to give the characteristic Red Tailed Hawk scream every time she's happy - whether because she just defeated her dinner (defrosted mice) or is enjoying some sunbeams and a bath.