"little guy" - north American kestrel

Why the name?
Because of he's a small but mighty falcon!

Rehab history
Arrived in June 2007.

This male North American Kestrel flew into a window of the U.S. Capitol building at high speed, knocked himself out, and permanently damaged the radial nerve in his left wing and both his eyes. He was picked up by the U.S. Capital Police and transferred to RCV.

Little Guy is a very calm falcon and truly enjoys showing off for the public, particularly if people are taking photos of him. His spectacular plumage with it's bright coloration is very striking. He bobs his head all the time to aid his vision, and he bobs his tail all the time for reasons known only to himself.

Little Guy is always looking for a date, and when he spots a female Kestrel he bows graciously to them and shows off his handsome feathers. He lives alone but he's ever hopeful.