Photo by Randy Streufert

Photo by Randy Streufert

"Loki" - gyrfalcon

Why the name?
Because his mischievous and changeable nature.

Hatched and transferred to RCV in 2005.

This male silver morph Gyrfalcon was bred in captivity to be come a falconry bird.

Gyrfalcons are the largest falcons in the world, a widely distributed Arctic species found in North America, Europe and Asia. The species is under great threat from climate change, as rising temperatures continue to shrink their available habitat.

Loki is a character! Like all large falcons he is high strung and enjoys chatting in your ear at 120 decibels. He can switch between being perfectly calm and flapping around like crazy and back again in seconds. He is a beautiful bird and audiences love to see his stunning plumage (even if they can't hear a thing!).

Loki enjoys rearranging everything in his enclosure on a daily basis, much to the dismay of the volunteers who spend so much time arranging everything perfectly. He can even move bricks!