Photo by Bob Mutchler

Photo by Bob Mutchler

"Mr. Woo hoo" - Eurasian eagle owl

Why the name?
Because he calls to his favorite volunteers with a deep "Woo Hoo".

Hatched in captivity in 2010, transferred to RCV as an education bird the same year.

This male Eurasian Eagle Owl is an awesome example of the world's largest owl species. Native to Europe and Asia, male Eurasian Eagle Owls have a wing span of over 6 feet, and the larger females can have a wingspan of up to 8 feet.

Mr. Woo Hoo is a beautiful healthy bird, but that fact that he is both a human imprint and a non-native species mean that he cannot be released. He is an excellent education bird and always wows his audience with his grace, beauty and sheer size.

Mr. Woo Hoo is a large, powerful and intimidating bird, but beneath that exterior lies the sweet bird that calls back and forth with the handlers to whom he has bonded.