Let’s Not Force Eagles to Fight Rogue Drones

RCV's President Kent Knowles is quoted in an article on the National Geographic website by Nicholas Lund - "Let’s Not Force Eagles to Fight Rogue Drones".

A viral video on the internet shows how the Dutch National Police trained an eagles to take out drones. The video garnered a lot of attention, but raptor rehabilitators and falconers immediately spoke out about the potential dangers to the birds. The article points out that "...drone blades, especially carbon fiber ones, can cause serious damage to an animal. If an eagle were to midjudge its attack, or if the drone operator were to take evasive or defense maneuvers, a bird could be struck by the blades and seriously injured or killed."

Kent points out that Bald Eagles do not prey on birds, they eat fish and carrion, and attempting to train them to take out an aerial target like a drone is something completely alien to them. We agree with the article - let's not force eagles to fight rogue drones.