The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia is no longer accepting applications for education programs in 2019.

Please consider these educators to fulfill your needs:

- Nikki Stamps at Native Wildlife Raptors, 540-272-0666 (please leave a message). Nikki is a raptor rehabilitator and falconer and she does education programs with live raptors including several owls.

- Belinda Burwell at Wildlife Veterinary Care, (540) 664-9494 (please leave a message) or email Belinda is a wildlife rehabilitator and she does education programs with a variety of non-releasable wild animals.

- Catherine Sevcenko at Diva Crows, please email her through her website. Catherine is a songbird rehabilitator and does education programs with crows and blue jays.

We would be delighted to work with you to schedule an education presentation for your group! We would like to share some guidelines RCV has on presentations, and ask that you please fill out a Presentation Request Form (below) when you are ready!

education presentation guidelines

Strong Education Component - RCV's mission is in part to help educate the public about raptors. We can tailor our topics, presentation style and birds used for your event, but we must be assured that education is a central focus and that we can teach the audience about raptors. We do not make "appearances" where the only goal is to have a raptor present at an event, nor will we promote specific companies or brands.

Schedule Early - RCV is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, and this includes our raptor handlers and educators. We can only fulfill presentation requests when we have volunteer availability and do not have any prior commitments, so please send in your request as early as possible. Some dates are filled up to a year in advance, and some months (particularly April and October) we are typically fully booked.

Scheduling process

1. Please use the Presentation Request Form below and fill in as much information as possible so we can determine how best to work together with you to make your event a success. Remember to hit "Submit" at the end of the form or we will not receive your request!

2. You will be contacted within 5 business days by RCV's Education Director via telephone to work out the finer details of the program. Please allow us time to review your request before calling to follow up!

3. Once the details have been agreed to on the phone you need to send an email confirmation to that includes the date, time and location of the final agreed-to education presentation - we will confirm receipt. Only after we confirm receipt of this message is your education presentation confirmed and scheduled. 

presentations types

"Walk-By" Presentations - These are events such as outdoor fairs, craft shows, Earth Day celebrations, etc. where RCV educators will be standing at a booth with a raptor and answering questions from the event attendees as they walk up to the booth. People may stay as long as they would like. The raptor handler(s) at the event will switch birds periodically to maintain audience interest and give a chance for the other birds to rest.

  • We typically would like to have 2 folding tables and 2 folding chairs in order to set up a safe area for the raptor cages to be stored and prevent people from walking up behind the raptors, which can scare them off of the handlers glove. If the event is outdoors in warm weather a shaded area or tent would be preferable for the sake of the birds.

"Lecture and Q&A" Presentations - These are more structured lecture-style presentations which are scheduled for a fixed amount of time (typically 30-60 minutes) at locations such as schools, scout meetings, garden clubs, etc. RCV educators talk about the topic selected by the organization (e.g. native raptors, owls, falconry) with live raptors on hand and take questions from the audience.

  • We need a safe and easy to access location to store the raptor cages where we will be presenting, such as a table at the front of the room. The room should be arranged so that no one can walk up behind the birds unexpectedly, and the audience should be seated at least 6-10 feet from where the handler will be standing. We ask the audience to remain seated during the presentation.

All donations received by RCV from presentations directly support the feeding, housing, and medical care of the raptors cared for by RCV.

questions? Call RCV at (703) 578-1175

Banner photo - Kent Knowles and RCV's Gyrfalcon Lilli - by Leah Pellegrino