"spirit" - peregrine falcon

Why the name?
Because she embodies the spirit of wild raptors.

Transferred to RCV as an education bird in 2013.

This female Peregrine Falcon was bred in captivity in 2006 and was used for falconry until she was about 3 years old. She then joined a Peregrine breeding program, but was unable to produce any eggs. She is a human imprint and unable to survive in the wild, so she was transferred to RCV in 2013 to become an education bird.

Spirit is a great falcon to work with and always a crowd favorite. She is a Peales Peregrine, the western subspecies, and therefore more blue-grey in color than her eastern relatives. She allows many to see a rare native falcon up close, which is often impossible as falcons need wide open spaces and fly at tremendous speeds.

Spirit reminds us all of the indomitable spirit of Peregrines that allowed their species to come back from the brink of extinction.