"squeaker" - red-shouldered hawk

Why the name?
Because she squeaks a lot. :)

Rehab history
Arrived in Fall 2010.

This female Red Shouldered Hawk was hit by a car in Fall 2010. Her right wing broke in 3 places, and while 2 of the breaks healed well the third was in a joint and she never regained full use of her wing.

Squeaker is one of the hardest working birds at RCV, doing over a hundred hours of education programs each year. Her calm demeanor, a relic of her accident, allows audiences to see this common but ordinarily high-strung hawk of northern Virginia up close. Her vibrant colors are beautiful even among others of her species.

Squeaker is a funny bird that squeaks up a storm when her handlers are ready to take her out. Once on the glove and feeling comfortable she wags her tail a bit to let you know she's ready to go!