"squirt" - hybrid falcon

Why the name?
Because he acts like a big falcon but he's a little squirt!

Rehab history
Arrived emaciated and starving in Fall 2007.

This falcon is a hybrid that was artificially bred in captivity, likely a cross between a Peregrine and a Merlin. He is also a human imprint. He was found starving in a park, soliciting food from humans, likely less than 24 hours from death.

Squirt is a very calm falcon and is a wonderful education bird. Although he is a cross between two species he still clearly shows all the typical falcon characteristics which allows the audience to learn more about falcons generally. His story also highlights the reason why human imprinted birds cannot be released to the wild.

Squirt is very vocal and spends his days chatting with RCV volunteers, mainly complaining that he would like his quail dinner immediately and that he really deserves a larger serving.

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