Since 1998, we have helped rehabilitate hundreds of injured and orphaned raptors, and have educated the public about their wild neighbors and the importance of raptors in the wild.


Our Mission

The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to:

  1. Rehabilitation and release to the wild of injured, ill or orphaned native Virginia birds of prey;
  2. Education of the public about raptors and preservation of their habitat; and,
  3. Endeavoring to increase the wild population of endangered and threatened raptors.

North American Kestrel "Little Guy" - photo by Kirk Deese

North American Kestrel "Little Guy" - photo by Kirk Deese

Each year RCV volunteers take in ~200 raptors for treatment. All RCV raptor rehabilitation is done in close consultation with a highly qualified veterinarian who performs surgery, takes x-rays, prescribes medications, and does prerelease physicals for raptor patients. Trained and experienced RCV volunteers handle emergency treatment of injured raptors, recuperative care, administration of medications, feeding, conditioning and release to the wild of birds performing at a skill level acceptable for release.

RCV volunteers also give ~200 education presentations utilizing non-releasable raptors for local schools, scout functions, community events, and other groups. RCV education programs present information about the need to preserve habitat, the value of predators in the balance of nature, and the characteristics of native Virginia raptor species. The existence of state and federal laws protecting raptors from interference by humans, and the need for permits, are also emphasized. Allowing people to see some of our native raptors up close helps them to appreciate just how magnificent and special these birds are.

Banner photo - Barred Owl "Hipster" - by Bill Bowman