Amazon Wish list

Caring for our resident education birds takes a lot of supplies! We need items for:

  • Cleaning raptor cages - power washers, scrub brushes, and disinfectants;
  • Cage maintenance and repair - power staplers, manila rope, AstroTurf, zip ties;
  • Raptor food preparation - gloves for volunteers, scissors for cutting meat to appropriate size, plastic bags for food storage;
  • Raptor enrichment - our education birds need mental and physical stimulation to stay happy.

If you would like to directly contribute some of the items we need, please check out our Amazon Wish List! When you purchase an item on the list it gets sent directly to our facility and we will put it to use immediately! Most of these items are eligible with Amazon Prime, and if you're a member shipping will be free. Whether you'd like to donate $10 or $300, every little bit helps!

Did you know that every purchase you make through Amazon can benefit RCV? Check out the Amazon Smile program. We would be so grateful if you would select us as the charity you are supporting!